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The Pet Vet Series!

- New Release! -

A Kitten Needs Help!

When Sophia and Justin’s dad came home from work, he was carrying a surprise in the backseat of his truck: A lonely kitten left cold and alone on the front steps of his veterinary clinic.

Luckily, Sophia and Justin are exactly the right kids to help in a situation like this. With lots of teamwork, problem-solving skills, and a little help from Mom and Dad, they’re equipped to tackle any pet emergency.

The Pet Vet Series is a charming collection of pet rescue stories, based on true pet adventures from the author's childhood. Children will journey along with Sophia and Justin as they search for solutions to their pet's problems, all while learning real-life animal care tips.

If your child loves funny, engaging characters, helping others, and cute cuddly animals, they will adore each heartwarming tale in The Pet Vet Series.

When Art Comes Alive!

- Three Book Series -

Artistic Expression Comes Alive!

For fans of Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus and Press Here, Help Me Find My Painting! is a new, interactive art appreciation series that will delight young readers. Beautiful imagery and engaging first-person narrative encourage children to absorb simple tools for analyzing artistic styles, all while helping a character find their way back into their original painting.

Inside Book 1: Edouard Manet, you'll find multiple paintings by Edouard Manet, paintings in contrasting styles, and artist biographical information.

The Help Me Find My Painting! Series encourages critical thinking and attention to detail while easily becoming a favorite bedtime read for children and parents alike!


"As an elementary art teacher I am thrilled to have this resource as a response generating, clear, focused, fun introduction to Manet! Engaging 1st person dialogue encourages interaction between the art teacher and young art students. Fresh images, isolated from the painting help art students (of any age) attend to the details and unique attributes of an individual Manet painting. The progression of Manet’s painting styles are contrasted and compared, effortlessly (by the students)! Vocabulary is introduced and explained simply and builds naturally throughout the book. I look forward to future books in Cindy Prince’s art history series!"

"Loved this book! It provides a fun and easy way to learn about art and artists. Help Jean find his painting! Great book to help children understand different art styles. Great for all ages but especially elementary age children. Really looking forward to other books in the series."

--Amazon Reviewer, 5 stars

--Amazon Reviewer, 5 Stars

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