-Series Description-

Perfect for anyone with young readers, this series presents classic art in a fun and interactive way. Children will learn simple tools for analyzing artistic styles, all while helping a character find their way back into their original painting. 

Inside each book, you'll find multiple paintings by the featured artist, four paintings in contrasting styles, and artist biographical information.

Whether you're looking for a tool to encourage critical thinking, attention to detail, or art appreciation and analysis, this series is for you. 

If you're simply looking for an engaging story that your young readers will want to read again and again, these books are also for you - with the added benefit of being educational!

Is The World Scary Front Cover.jpg
-Book Description-

Life can be scary for a six-year-old, especially in the midst of a pandemic that has turned her world upside down. This book was created to give a voice to some of the feelings my children are struggling to express, as well as provide opportunities to talk about the good along with the scary.